The Turban Chopsticks range of gourmet handmade foods have been created by two passionate foodies, Suresh Chandra and Mei-Sann Yong in, Perth, Western Australia. They started their journey in late 2008, where they cooked and prepared their meal solutions with love, selling their products from market to market. Their passion for good food, nutritious meals, slow cooked curry pastes are brought to life in their range. A mixture of both their cultures Suresh (Singaporean, Indian) and Mei-Sann (Malaysian,
Chinese) bring an influence of CHINDIAN flavours in their food range.

The range includes handmade curry pastes that can be used as a curry paste, marinade, stir-fry sauce or delicious dip.

Curry pastes include: Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry, Satay Peanuts and Butter Chicken.

The range also includes its signature one pot meal kits. categorized into rice, dahl and salad meals. They are conveniently packed with hand roasted spices that are blended together in small batches to bring the perfect balance to your meal. Making authentic flavours, quick, easy and nutritiously tasty to prepare in your home.

One pot meal kits include Royal Festival Briyani Rice Kit, Tropical Thai Coconut Rice Kit, Majestic Almond and Cumin Pilaf Rice Kit, Traditional Jewelled Mung Dahl Kit, Creamy Green Pea Dahl Kit, South Indian Spiced Tomato Dahl Kit and the Chia and Organic Quinoa Salad Kit.

The range is now sold at selected independent supermarkets, gourmet groceries and butchers throughout Western Australia. A limited range of the one pot meal kits are sold throughout all Coles supermarkets in Western Australia and are located in the Indian grocery section.




Local West Australian Family Company

Made with Love, Enjoy!

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