I would like to know...

1. Where can we purchase Turban Chopsticks products?

Our range of products are available from selected independent food stores like IGA's, Farmer Jacks and gourmet food shops. We are also available in selected Woolworths supermarkets throughout Western Australian stores. Our range at Woolworths includes all the curry pastes, Royal Festival Briyani, Jewelled Mung Dahl and Little Bites Onion Bhaji Mix.


2. Are the products gluten and wheat free?

Yes our whole range of products are gluten and wheat free, even including our new Little Bites range.


3. Are your products vegan?

Yes, our range is 100% vegan. They do not include any animal or diary products in the making. Some recipes ask for the addition of yogurt or butter, however this is optional and vegan substitutes for these ingredients are great in this instance.


4. Can you freeze the products after it is cooked?

Yes, all our meal kits and curry pastes freeze for up to 3 months for your convenience and tastes just as delicious when thawed and reheated. Add some fresh spinach leaves or cherry tomatoes to bring the dish alive again. You will love how easy and convenient this is!


5. Where is the best place to store my curry pastes and meal kits?

They should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. As the products are natural, they may discolour in direct sunlight. 


6. Are we working on new products?

Yes we are working on new products and will launch them as soon as it is feasible for us to do so. If you have a favourite, feel free to email us at and share with us why its your favourite. Stay tuned for upcoming treats....


7. How do we stay up to date with Turban Chopsticks?

You can join our facebook page, newsletter subscriber curry club or Turban Chopsticks instagram for the latest news.


8. Where are the products made?

All Turban Chopstick's products are made in our commercial kitchen in Perth, Western Australia. Handmade with love, care, attention to ensure all products are consistent and deliciuos!


9. Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, our products should be fine when eaten by pregnant women. Be careful to cook the curries and dishes thoroughly (especially when cooking meat or fish). Our products will provide pregnant mums and families healthy, nutritious meals that are quick and easy to prepare during this period. If in doubt, check with your doctor, as our specialty lies in meals and curries.


10. Do your products contain preservatives, additives or msg?

We do not add any preservatives, additives or msg to any of our products, however in the Tropical Thai Coconut Rice Kit, a preservative named (Perservative 220) is used to preserve the coconut shreds and pineapple pieces.


11. Do you use any local ingredients in our products?

Yes, we try and source as much as we can locally. Currently, we source red ripe tomatoes, brown onions, fresh ginger, fresh green basil, fresh green coriander from local farmers in Perth. Coriander seeds and red lentils (masoor dahl) are sourced from Vicotrian farmers in Australia. Lupin Flakes are sourced from West Australian farmers. Where we can, we will source local first! We also source our packaging locally and try where possible to support other local WA businesses.


12. How many people do your products serve?

Our meal kits serve 3-4 people, and the curries serve 6-8 people deliciously. The Little Bites cater for 6-8 people for box and are fantastic as an entree, snack or addition to a meal. If you are cooking for less that the required amount, we suggest to cook the whole dish, save some for later, or freeze the extras for another tasty treat.


13. Why have you changed your packaging?

We have changed our packaging recently, as this is more environmentally friendly. Our meal kits are 100% recyclable, made from sustainably sourced materials, is totally chlorine free and printed with vegetable based ink. 



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